sunnuntai 21. syyskuuta 2014

Something in English

I found out that somehow people are checking this blog from other countries so I'll try to write something in english sometimes.

First of all -Welcome!!

History of "My Blue Christmas" started when I moved to live alone and bought nice blue fabric with golden stars and saw some pictures in german magazines of blue Christmas.
That was 1995 so I've have had blue christmas for 19 years now.

The pictures I post are or inspiration, beautiful things in stores and some from my own home.
I also write Christmas memories from childhood - I had mom who worked with Christmas all year around -almost. 

You can comment and ask things in english -or spanish- if you want to.
From now on I'll try to write something in english to every post.

If you are not from Finland - please write to comments where are you from and how did you find this "all finnish" blog.
It would be lovely to know.

My Christmas "flowers" from 2012
The old blue fabric is still in use

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